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Are the Brand Killers coming after your brand?

They look innocent enough. Fresh-faced, enthusiastic, passionate about their products and driven by an almost missionary zeal to make things taste better and consumers feel better about themselves and what they are doing to the planet. But their wonderful products and engaging stories mask a darker reality for the world’s leading food and drink brand owners.

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Chasing rainbows

While I was in Iceland chasing rainbows, others in the team were also tracking down rainbows. James was in New York, innovating for a global brewer, Flo was in Paris helping Pernod Ricard create and tell better brand stories and Caroline was busy developing media strategies for Oxfam in Brussels. Here's our month!

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Planning "in the wild" is just Planning

It’s really sad to see Ogilvy making a fuss about sending planners out to connect with the real world. It’s even sadder that Ogilvy quote a “recent survey among planners”[1] that states “primary research informs less than 2% of creative briefs.” I mean, what do planners do nowadays?

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