New York, New York

There’s something pretty irresistible about New York: The intoxicating sense of the energy, of something always happening, or about to happen, the idea of possibility as part of the city’s infrastructure.

So we haven’t resisted. Sword & Stone is opening its doors as of February 2018, and it’s incredibly exciting to be here.

New York has been good to me – I had five brilliant years on Madison Ave at Y&RNY and have some great memories with some great people – winning pitches, producing some great work and winning a few Effies on the way. New York has been good to Sword & Stone too, with regular briefs coming our way over the last few years.

So when one of our clients said “why don’t you set up an office over here” we saw that as an opportunity to do just that.

We started Sword & Stone because we were seeing too many client’s difficult strategic issues not getting the attention or the creativity of thought they deserved, and we thought we could do something about it. And that belief still holds good.

We think beyond the predictable, bringing rigor and creativity to thinking that has become rehashed, reheated or just left unloved. Good strategies should inspire and open possibilities, get people excited about what could be.

Just like this great, shifting, restless city.