We’ve worked with Which? on a variety of projects that’ve helped the iconic organisation stay relevant and prepare for the future.

Despite what you might think, Which? aren’t just about washing machine reviews: They provide guidance and advice on all sorts of issues – from financial decisions to legal matters, to university choices (and yes… sometimes home appliances).

Our projects, over the past five years, have included helping to develop long-term business strategies, creating new propositions and routes to market, and increasing capability around insight generation, consumer understanding and organisational change.

Since we started working with Which?, Which? Mortgage advisers have grown, Which? Legal has continued its strong upward trajectory and the organisation’s revenues have risen. (Not all down to us for sure, but we’ve been proud to play our part.)

“Everybody promises fresh thinking but in my experience Sword & Stone really deliver on that promise.”

Chris Gardner, Managing Director, Which? Publishing

James Lees