Majestic Wines

In late 2015, the management team at Majestic were mulling over their long-term business strategy and wanted to mine employee knowledge for insights and opinions that could feed into the company’s direction… We helped them do just that.

Packed with an arsenal of group workshops, diary studies and surveys, we developed an initiative that encouraged Majestic’s staff – from Falmouth to Falkirk, from stores to head office – to voice their thoughts and have their say on the future of the company.

The project engaged hundreds of employees and produced a bucket-load of ideas. We then fermented these ideas into learnings and recommendations that played a big role in the development of Majestic’s business plan.

“Working with Sword & Stone on the Majestic “Have your say” plan was a fantastic experience, great facilitation and running of a step-change program that looks, feels and has been received by the organisation in a very positive way.”

John Colley, Managing Director, Majestic Wines

James Lees