Sword & Stone Social Impact Unit

The Sword & Stone Social Impact Unit is our specialist unit for civil society and not-for-profits that has been designed to provide a strategic advantage in a sector focused on the here and now.

Social Impact for Sword & Stone means moving society through the rigour of creative strategic thinking. The Unit’s central belief is that all civil society and not-for-profit organisations benefit from a creative strategy to enrich their thinking and advance their agendas.

The Unit was launched in 2018 through flagship projects with Amnesty Intl., Greenpeace EU and Oxfam Solidarité.

We work for universities, NGOs, charities, political parties and others on projects, such as organisation strategies, communications and media strategies, business plan development, election strategy, audience research and communications skills audits, to name a few.

“It can be really hard to create long-term strategic change in a sector which is focused on the here and now. But with an agreed strategy you have a long-term plan that helps you deal with the day-to-day.”
— Caroline Jacobsson, Director, Sword & Stone Social Impact Unit