Indie Bay Snacks

Startup snacking company Indie Bay Snacks wanted to gather insight on their audience to better target their brand, packaging and messaging. We held a series of focus groups using a range of creative techniques to understand snackers’ wants and needs.

Indie Bay Snacks are a startup success story – from a round pretzel snack dreamt up by a mum who couldn’t find anything both healthy and tasty enough for her kids, the brand has grown and grown and is about to be listed on a large supermarket’s shelves.

Before that happened, the brand’s founder wanted to speak to her target audience and gather more insight to better focus the product packaging and messaging.

We held focus groups and used a range of creative and projective techniques to understand people’s snacking needs, and how they saw the brand and its USPs. The insight we gathered informed Indie Bay Snacks as to how best position themselves in a very crowded snacking market, how to best appeal to their different target audiences, and how to tailor messaging to best communicate the snacks huge range of health and taste benefits.