Carnival Corporation

Today, cruises are more like floating cities than ships. This means the importance of Health, Environment, Safety and Security (HESS) has to be just as important (if not more important) than these considerations on land. Carnival Corporation, the largest cruise operator in the world, asked Sword & Stone to help them develop ways of embedding a culture of HESS onboard.

Carnival Corporation is on a mission to not only be a market leader, but also a leader in HESS standards. Because of this, it is setting its own targets higher than that of legal compliance.

However, to move from a culture of compliance, to a culture that demands, measures and celebrates the competence of crew members is no easy feat. Sword & Stone were asked to help them on this journey.

Working with key members of the HESS committee and Carnival’s Professional Development team, we…

­1. Reviewed HESS training and developed principles for overhauling how crew members are trained.

­2. Helped develop creative ways HESS modules could be better delivered and measured at crew level.

­3. Created simple methods for putting a $ ROI against training.

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James Lees